What is a Projector Bulb?

A projector is used to transfer an image or video from a computer or a multimedia device onto a bigger screen for audience viewing. A projector bulb is a high-pressured mercury vapor arc lamp that sends an electrical current across a pressurized arc gap, emitting an extremely bright light. This light shines onto a liquid crystal display and consecutively projects itself out of the machine, producing the images being sent from the source.

Inside a Projector Bulb

Arc Tube & Quartz Globe (Reflector)

The arc tube is a piece of blown quartz measuring between 2 to 3 inches in length that extends upward from the base of the quartz globe. A high-quality arc tube is set in place by extra strength plaster at the exact angle and position needed in order to function correctly.

The quartz globe is the protective exterior of the actual lamp itself. The inner surface of the quartz globe is usually lined with a highly reflective metal material which is used to reflect the light that is a created by the ignition of the mercury vapor inside the arc tube. It is because of this reflective lining that the quartz globe is sometimes referred to as the reflector. The quartz globe is also responsible for holding the arc tube in place.

Plastic Housing

The plastic housing of a projector bulb is the piece that holds the lamp in place inside the projector. Inside the projector it is held in place by a retaining clip or by screws. The housing is usually made out of a high-temperature resistant plastic to withstand the extreme temperatures that the lamp can reach.

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